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Up Close and Personal: Using Data to Create Personalised Customer Experiences

Customers are inundated with a plethora of choices everyday. Decision fatigue is often a common side effect of information overload. Increasingly, customers expect a more personalised experience. Research done by Segment shows that, 74% of customersĀ feel frustrated when website content is not personalised and 60% feel frustrated when an ad is displayed for a productContinue reading “Up Close and Personal: Using Data to Create Personalised Customer Experiences”

Let’s Get Technical: KPIs

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are used across all industries as a quantitative way to measure success. They are used in PPCs (Pay-Per-Click) – an advertising model where advertisers pay a publisher each time an ad is clicked. KPIs are a useful tool to set expectations and measure the success of a marketing campaign. Correct measurementContinue reading “Let’s Get Technical: KPIs”

TikTok: A Marketing Miracle for Small Businesses

TikTok bursted onto the Western scene within the last year. According to Business Insider, the app attracted 315 million new installs since January. ByteDance’s TikTok has proven to have extremely diverse offerings – becoming a space for educational, informative content satisfying all types of niches. The short-form videos have been especially beneficial to small medium-sizedContinue reading “TikTok: A Marketing Miracle for Small Businesses”

Performative Allyship: How NOT to digitally market

Due to new lockdown restrictions social media is now a dominant tool to generate sales. Adding to the pressure, society is faced with a civil rights movement. So what is a digital marketer to do when faced with so many uncontrollable external factors? Many big brands have recently been accused of “Performative Allyship” – theContinue reading “Performative Allyship: How NOT to digitally market”


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